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A Full Life

Peter Gallagher

Peter Gallagher, USA:  Sr. Clare showed tremendous obedience and such radical negation of her own will to prefer the Father's which is an example for all of us.

Peter Gallagher, a seminarian from the United States, was deeply impressed by the testimony of Sr. Clare’s life after seeing “All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett.” Peter, who will shortly be ordained a priest, has questioned himself about Sr. Clare’s way of living her consecration, and has drawn important consequences for his own life.

"All or Nothing" beautifully portrayed the life of Sr. Clare who wanted nothing less than to give her life for the Gospel. I was struck by Sr. Clare's personality of giving, liveliness, and the ability to relate to children, youth and adults. Her prayer, work, and personality were as well balanced as she lived truly a full life! Her ability to thrive in all her assignments, diving into whatever it was asked of her, was truly an inspiration. 

One thing that really struck me was a sister saying she really didn't know what Sr. Clare preferred or not. Sr. Clare showed tremendous obedience and such radical negation of her own will to prefer the Father's which is an example for all of us. It is amazing how attached we can become to little things and yet it seems Sr. Clare desired and lived so tremendously in union with the will of God. No matter what, she was able by God's grace to obey in the various assignments she served in which brought her tremendous interior freedom. 

Of course, Sr. Clare was joyful. She was blessed with a talent to teach and sing, using it above all for the Lord. This joyfulness is what makes her life so attractive and yet also points so clearly to God's power. Sr. Clare's time with the Lord led her to be mercifully compassionate but not afraid to call the youth to greater repentance and reconciliation with God. 

May Sr. Clare pray for all of us to joyfully by led by God wherever He leads us in His beautiful plan for our lives. 

God bless,
Peter G


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