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I Understood That It Was For Her Way of Loving Them

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Sr. Rosa Lopez, SHM, Guayaquil, Ecuador: She said to me, “Go child by child. Have patience with them and help them, because they don’t know how to write.”

Sr. Rosa Lopez, from Guayaquil, shares many precious experiences that she had with Sr. Clare before she herself entered the community, such as this one that she tells us today. She describes how Sr. Clare treated the children, and how they responded to Sr. Clare’s love.

Since Sr. Clare was from Ireland and knew English, I asked her to help me with this subject. It should be noted that my languages abilities are very, very low. Sr. Clare had a great deal of patience when she taught, and especially with me. Between jokes and silly faces, she repeated things several times until I managed to understand. One day, I had an English exam and got a good grade. I was very happy, and I went to tell Sr. Clare about it. She told me, “God helps those who help themselves,” encouraging me to continue working.

Sometime later, I went with the sisters to “La Consolata” school, in a very simple zone of Guayaquil. I went with Sr. Clare to her class. Her classes were with the little children. She said to me, “Go child by child. Have patience with them and help them, because they don’t know how to write.” I went through one row while Sr. Clare went through the other. I wanted to see how the sister did it, so I observed her. I saw that she helped them with a great deal of affection and patience. When we finished class and went outside for recess, I saw how the children ran to meet her and surrounded her, and I understood that it was because of her way of loving them.


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