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Above all, that it had caused in her “a great desire to die, not to die physically, but rather to die to myself.”


A traveling exhibition offers the testimony of 24 “young witnesses of the faith, the saints next door.” Sr. Clare is among them.

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Since we have initiated the Spanish and English versions, we have received more than 1000 petitions that literally come from the all over the world.

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There were people there who knew Sr. Clare very well and many others who had never heard of her or met her.

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As people strolled by the San Marco Theatre in Jacksonville, FL, on April 16, 2017, they were surprised to see a huge crowd of people streaming out of its front doors. “What’s going on here?”

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The flood of people was impressive. The covered basketball court was full, and that means that there were approximately six hundred people.


More than 80 people attended and were very touched by it – so much so, that when the documentary ended, there was a river of tears.

All or Nothing Special Invitation

The movie “All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett” released in Derry, Ireland, April 16th, 2018.

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“All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett”: A Spiritual Bomb


Release of the Film "All or Nothing"


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