This year, Sr. Clare Crockett's anniversary falls on Holy Saturday, that day tinged with sorrow and hope when we stay by Our Sorrowful Mother, who trustingly awaits the resurrection of Our Lord. Six years have already passed since the death of our dear Sister under the rubble of Holy Family Educational Center in Playa Prieta, in the earthquake that devastated Ecuador on April 16, 2016. With her, we also remember five young women aspiring to the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, who died with her: Valeria, Maria Augusta, Mayra, Jazmina and Catalina.

1Throughout these years, we have seen how much good the witness of Sr. Clare's life is doing for thousands of people. This testimony was recently echoed by Gerolamo Fazzini, an Italian journalist, who dedicated an article to Sr. Clare in L'Osservatore Romano, entitled "The Unpredictable Story of Sr. Clare Crockett." It recounts the story of Clare's conversion, as narrated in her official biography Alone with Christ Alone: "When she met Christ crucified on that Good Friday in the year 2000, she suddenly found herself alone with Christ alone, who was alone on the Cross, suffering for love of her. In that instant, she was stripped of all her masks and her misery was revealed to her. Only God could show her who she really was and how she could attain true happiness in Him." Many of those who approach the figure of Sr. Clare receive, in some way, the grace of sharing this experience.

Among the news to share, we would like to inform that a private devotional prayer to ask for favors through Sr. Clare’s intercession has been approved. You can find it at this link and request the cards through the form on the website.

All or NothingOn this sixth anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death, the Home of the Mother and the EUK Mamie Foundation have prepared material that can help us, both children and adults, get to know her better: a new biography, a book of articles written by Sr. Clare addressed to children, and a new video that summarizes her conversion in 14 minutes. We explain them in more detail below.

- First, we would like to present the new book about Sr. Clare entitled All or Nothing. Sister Clare Crockett: A Brief Biography. It is a 210-page summary of the official biography and is published in English, Spanish and Italian.

This is the synopsis of All or Nothing. Clare Crockett: A Brief Biography: Clare Crockett, a young Irish girl whose only desire was to become a movie star, left all her dreams behind when she encountered the love of Christ Crucified one Good Friday. In broad brushstrokes, this book will allow you to discover the essential aspects of the personality and life of this young woman who held nothing back. She entered as a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother at the age of eighteen, being characterized by her joy and growing radicalism in love. She died at the age of thirty-three, the same age as Christ, in an earthquake in Ecuador.

You can access the pre-sale of the book through this link:

When I Was Little- Secondly, we would like to offer When I Was Little. Stories by Sister Clare Crockett, Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother. This book offers, in Spanish and English, a first selection of the articles published by Sr. Clare in the HM Zoom+ Magazine under the title When I Was Little.

The synopsis reads: This is a book we are sure you’ll love. In it you’ll find stories written by Sister Clare, who God gifted with so many talents. Ever since she was little, she liked to recite poems, sing, act, dance and make up stories, like the ones you have in your hands. When she grew up and consecrated herself to God, she wrote these stories thinking of you. She wanted to make you laugh and to help you to not make the same mistakes she did when she was little. Her sisters, Shauna and Megan, assure us that many of these narratives are based on true stories. At the same time, we must nevertheless keep in mind that Sister Clare used a lot of imagination when she wrote them. We hope you can benefit from these stories! May they encourage you to imitate Sister Clare’s love and generosity. She went from being a mischievous and crazy young girl to being a great friend of God’s.

You can access the pre-sale of the book through this link:

- Another important news is the coming publication of the first biography of Sr. Clare in Portuguese: Sister Clare Crockett, Alone with Christ Alone, by Shalom Publishing House in Brazil. 

- Finally we would like to offer you "Sister Clare Crockett, SHM," a short film that, in just 15 minutes, summarizes Sr. Clare’s life, especially the moment of her conversion. Made by the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother, it was made especially for young people and can be a very useful tool for catechesis, schools and youth groups. You can see it here:

This Holy Week, may we take on Sr. Clare’s resolution "to love and console the wounded Hearts of the Lord and of Our Lady.”

May Our Heavenly Mother bless you all. 


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