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After the publication of a news article in a local newspaper in Derry, we have wished to publish this note to clarify some points. 

On January 24, 2021, a local newspaper in Derry, Northern Ireland - Sr. Clare’s hometown -, published an article that affirms that the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother will open Sr. Clare’s cause of beatification later this year, including a request that testimonies be sent to a certain email address.

In this regard, we would like to clarify that this news agency did not contact us before publishing the article. Over the past years, since the death of our Sister, we have seen the fruits that her testimony is working in souls, and we sense that it is possible that the Lord wants the cause to be opened. The Church always waits five years after the death of a person before opening such a process. Since this coming April will mark the fifth anniversary of Sr. Clare's death, we have begun to take steps in view of opening the cause. However, the opening of the process will not depend only on us, but on the ecclesial authorities. In this case, it falls under the jurisdiction of the bishop of the diocese where the person has died. The document Sanctorum Mater, published in 2007 by the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, explicitly states: “It is the right of diocesan Bishops, Eparchs and those who are equivalent to them in law, to investigate, within the limits of their own jurisdiction, the life, virtues or martyrdom, and reputation of holiness or of martyrdom, alleged miracles and, if it be the case, the ancient cult of a Servant of God, whose beatification and canonization are asked.”

This type of fake news and its diffusion does not help in the process, because it seems as though we are anticipating the judgment of the Church, to which we must and want to submit ourselves at all times. We therefore ask you not to publish or spread any information that is not official.

It is true that we are keeping all the testimonies we receive regarding Sr. Clare in our archives and these will be useful when the cause will be opened by the competent authority, but we ask that they be sent to our official email address:   The other email address that is currently circulating is not ours.



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