In Poland, people can now learn about Sr. Clare’s life now thanks to the DVD put out by Studio Katolik ( and has just gone up for sale on the online store.

Everything began when Brother Leszek Szura, belonging to the Salvatorian community (, contacted the Home of the Mother and volunteered to translate All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett in Polish. The Salvatorians do apostolate with mass media through the producer Studio Katolik, located in Łagiewniki, Kraków, near the Divine Mercy Sanctuary. Studio Katolik’s aim is to accompany Catholics in their faith development through its productions as well as helping those who doubt or are searching.

Studio Katolik prepared the DVD with a lot of care. It includes two booklets: one about Sr. Clare and one about the Home of the Mother.

We pray that the Lord may bless this new project so that Sr. Clare’s life and testimony may help the Polish people, especially the youth.


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