Mission Trip 2020

For years now, the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother have organized mission trips to Ecuador. After the earthquake in 2016, the mission trips have changed and have become a pilgrimage as well.

Mission Trip 2020There is a mission trip being planned from August 4 - 15, 2020, during which the missionaries will visit the communities that the Servant Sisters have there: Guayaquil, Chone and Playa Prieta. In Playa Prieta we will visit the Holy Family School chapel, built on the place where Sister Clare and the girls passed away on April 16, 2016. We also make it a point to visit the tombs of Maria Augusta, Mayra, Jazmina, Valeria and Catalina.

We go with a spirit of joyful generosity and sacrifice in order to serve, willingness to help out in whatever is asked of us, with an open heart to love all those who we come in contact with. We go as missionaries of the Love of God.


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