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Above all, that it had caused in her “a great desire to die, not to die physically, but rather to die to myself.”

On June 19, 2018, a Franciscan priest of the Holy Spirit Monastery of Gillet, Valencia, Spain, got in touch with us. In his monastery they were having courses of formation for the Poor Clares of the Federation to which this part of Eastern Spain belongs. They asked if we could show them the documentary “All or Nothing”, the life of our Sr. Clare.

We arrived at the monastery and we went to the room in which the screening would take place. The truth is that it was a great joy to see all of the Poor Clares and the community of Franciscan novices that were there. We knew that knowing about Sr. Clare through the documentary would help them. It truly did.

When the documentary finished, all those present broke out in a loud and prolonged applause that seemed like it didn’t want to end. All of the Poor Clares wanted to take the documentary to their different communities, certain of the good that it would do to all of the sisters. We were particularly impressed by the superior of one of these convents. She came up to us to tell us that she had loved the documentary of Sr. Clare, but above all, that it had caused in her “a great desire to die, not to die physically, but rather to die to myself.” With a significant gesture she indicated herself, as if affirming that it was a desire to die to herself. We saw other sisters cry out of joy and gratefulness for all the good that learning about Sr. Clare’s life had done them. There was a sister who, after half an hour, continued crying and said to us, “I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’m just so happy.”

We give thanks to the Lord and to Our Lady for having permitted us to see the fruits that Sr. Clare’s life and self-surrender are producing in so many people. We pray that this example encourages and gives strength to others in order to continue on their own way of holiness. We hope that we all one day might be able to give this “All or Nothing” that the Lord expects of each one of us.

Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother

Community of Valencia, Spain.


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