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Since we have initiated the Spanish and English versions, we have received more than 1000 petitions that literally come from the all over the world.

Now the documentary Sr. Clare Crockett: All or Nothing is available in Italian. Clare Crockett was a promising actress and television host. When she was 18 years old, she abandoned her artistic career and all the promises for fame in order to surrender her life to God. After several years of the consecrated life, this young, Irish, religious sister passed away when she was only 33 years old in the earthquake in Ecuador on the April 16, 2016. It is possible that some people may see this as a total failure. But…was it really? Many people think that her story didn’t come to an end underneath the rubble. Thanks to the archives of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, the EUK Mamie Foundation-HM Television presents, in this documentary, the true story of this sister who gave EVERYTHING to God, without reserving ANYTHING for herself.

Since we have initiated the Spanish and English versions, we have received more than 1000 petitions that literally come from the all over the world: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uruguay y Venezuela. And we continue receiving petitions.

The testimonies that reach us, of the thousands of people that have already seen it, tell us that no one is left indifferent by the testimony of Sr. Clare’s self-surrender. For example,Mamen Preciado, from Elorrio, Vizcaya, Spain, wrote: “During the documentary there were tears, many smiles, but above all, as the film advanced, the ‘desire for holiness’ within us grew, to be a little bit like this fun sister with such a firm determination.” Or Sr. Virginia Mwasu who, from Tanzania where the film was shown for 500 young people gathered together for Pentecost, confessed, “While I was watching it, I thought about my own life, and I could only cry because it seemed to me that, until now, I haven’t done anything. I hope that after having seeing the documentary, I can begin to be a different person.”

But, how can someone see the documentary Sr. Clare: All or Nothing? Even though we have received offers to distribute Sr. Clare: All or Nothing through distribution channels, HM Television has renounced this option, preferring for the formula that unites apostolate with being free of charge. For that reason, whichever person or group that is willing to organize the projection—for example the diocese pastoral delegates for youth groups or universities, parishes, schools, apostolic movements, etc—can ask for the film in order to organize an event with an apostolic rather than an economic goal. In this way, the love of God that changed Sr. Clare’s life might be announced through her story. At the moment, one can ask for the film in Italian, Spanish and English through this link. What’s more, our webpage offers a questionnaire that serves as a guide for a discussion after the showing. This is a way to help to deepen into the message that the film has for each spectator.

Through this link one can consult where there is going to be a screening of the documentary. Many of the screenings take place behind closed doors, especially in schools, but many others allow public access free of charge until all the seats are filled.

The question with which everyone goes away from the showing is, “What more do I have to give to the Lord?” We pray that it may be the same with the Italian spectators.

Sr. Beatriz Liano, SHM


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