The EUK Mamie Foundation released the first biography about Sr. Clare, entitled: Sister Clare Crockett: Alone with Christ Alone.

Mami Lilia

Mami Lilia passed away on June 22, 2020, after a long illness. She was the mother of Jazmina Castro, one of the candidates who died along with Sr. Clare in the earthquake on April 16, 2016. She was also a lay member of the Home of the Mother.

Sr. Clare at Holy Family Educational Center

It would be very sad if the school closes because of economic deficit after all of the work done by the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother did to build up this institution.

O todo o nada en árabe

With joy we have premiered the documentary about Sr. Clare’s life, All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett, in Arabic.

fourth anniversary


Tomorrow is April 16 and it will be four years since Sr. Clare passed away together with María Augusta, Mayra, Jazmina, Catalina and Valeria in the earthquake in Ecuador.

Mission Trip 2020

For years now, the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother have organized mission trips to Ecuador. After the earthquake in 2016, the mission trips have changed and have become a pilgrimage as well.


In Poland, people can now learn about Sr. Clare’s life now thanks to the DVD put out by Studio Katolik ( and has just gone up for sale on the online store.

I Died for You (quote)
Today Sr. Clare would have turned 37. Since her conversion she had just one desire: console the Lord by her life.

Indonesia is a huge archipelago located between Southeast Asia and Oceania. It has a population of over 255 million people, which makes it the fourth most populated country in the world. On November 14, 2019, the day Sr. Clare would have turned 37, we are going to premiere All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett there.

Catalina's 27th Birthday
Catalina Navarrete would have turned 27 today. HM Zoom+, the Home of the Mother’s kids’ magazine, published this article about her in April 2019.

All or Nothing in Treviglio
Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother presented the DVD, All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett, at the Library Fonte Viva in the town of Treviglio in Bergamo.

Damián Sanchez 
Her story moved me from the start, and I saw how in Spain the people who watched the movie were also touched. So I said to myself, “Why not make her known in France where I live?”

Sr. Clare during the Mass of her perpetual profession (2010)

On September 8, 2010, Sr. Clare Maria of the Trinity and the Heart of Mary signed her final blank check for Jesus Christ.

La Hna. Clare con sus padres (2010)

Sister Clare's mother, Margaret Crockett, died on September 1, 2019, after months of illness. The Home of the Mother wants the Crockett family to know that we are close to them and are praying for them in these painful moments.

Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Italy

Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Italy What God works in a soul that responds generously to his call is something that does not just remain in the temporal sphere; it goes beyond.

Sr. Clare - Santi della porta accanto 

Thanks to the exhibition, Sr. Clare’s testimony is reaching the lives of many people, especially youth, in Italy.


Several thousands of people throughout the world have seen this documentary film in Spanish, English and Italian over the past months. They have cried, laughed, prayed and sung with Sr. Clare but above all, they have asked themselves, “Lord, am I giving You everything You want of me?”

"Alone with Christ Alone” is the title of a song dedicated to Sr. Clare by I Am, a youth worship band composed of a young people from Derry, Northern Ireland. It is from their recently launched CD: Fight the Good Fight. “Alone with Christ Alone” is inspired by the motto that Sr. Clare received from the Home of the Mother’s founder on the day of her perpetual vows.

proyeccion clarisas levante1

Above all, that it had caused in her “a great desire to die, not to die physically, but rather to die to myself.”


A traveling exhibition offers the testimony of 24 “young witnesses of the faith, the saints next door.” Sr. Clare is among them.

documental italiano800

Since we have initiated the Spanish and English versions, we have received more than 1000 petitions that literally come from the all over the world.

tampa 800

There were people there who knew Sr. Clare very well and many others who had never heard of her or met her.

jax estreno800

As people strolled by the San Marco Theatre in Jacksonville, FL, on April 16, 2017, they were surprised to see a huge crowd of people streaming out of its front doors. “What’s going on here?”

estreno playa800

The flood of people was impressive. The covered basketball court was full, and that means that there were approximately six hundred people.

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