Maureen Kall, Jacksonville, Florida:  I was teaching Kindergarten and Sr. Clare would come in weekly to teach my class. I remember when my oldest daughter Kylie was accepted into the theater department at NYU.


Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  Her words were fire and lacked human respect. What she sought was the salvation of the young people's souls.


Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  She didn't want us to wander astray or to sink into our selfishness for not taking that leap of generosity.

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Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  What she said was, “If you take care of God’s things, He’ll take care of your things.” She was convinced and lived that way.

La hna. Clare enseñando

Stacy Larmoyeux, Jacksonville, FL:  My most favorite traits of Sister Clare were her smile and ability to make everyone she was around happy.

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Sr. Bailey Sympson, SHM, USA:  I remember one night when she called us together and spoke very firmly to us. She asked us to change our attitude and to begin serving others.

Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez, US:   She was always an inspiration for me, and I am constantly asking for her to pray for me, that I may be like her, living out with joy her deep and profound love for Jesus Christ.

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Sr. Stacey Donovan, SHM: It really helped me to see her so transparent and happy, because she was doing the Lord’s will.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:  Sr. Clare was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation or tell a funny story, but she was never superficial.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno Listening to her conversion story helped me trust in God’s power more. My soul felt an increase of peace knowing what she had lived before and seeing her now, and what the Lord had done in her.


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