Clare praying

We must not set all our hopes and aspirations in the world and on quickly passing values of earthly attractions, things which could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Sr. Clare

Michael O’Connell:  I was thinking about her today and of those who commit their lives to Jesus and these words came to mind. In some ways, this was my conversation with her today.

La Hna. Clare rezando con niños

Sr. Kelly Pezo remembered a song Sr. Clare used with the kids to help them learn the Ten Commandments.

Quotes copied by Sr. Clare

On opening the Bible randomly twice today, these were the two passages that I found. Just causality or is God speaking?

Sr. Clare and Sr. Merly

Sr. Merly Alcívar:  She always used to say, “Sister, what can I do to help?” She reflected God’s love. She made you want to be with her all the time.

Sr. Clare

It turns out that Sr. Clare and I shared a hobby: she wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress and I wanted to be a famous Broadway actress. However, something in our path that caused both of us to move away from that world: Christ.

Sr. Clare with Children

She taught me to love people as they are, with their faults and virtues. When she saw a rebellious young person, she would say that they were running away from what Jesus was asking of them. That’s why they were trying to fill the emptiness they had in their heart with worldly stuff.

Sr. Mercedes

Sr. Mercedes Párraga:  Sr. Clare arrived in Playa Prieta in October 2014 and we went to Cajas a few months later. When we got there, we went to the Virgin Mary’s garden. It was a small group of girls and sisters.

When I Was Little

This story was written by Sr. Clare for the Home of the Mother’s kids’ magazine in 2004. They are stories based on true events, but she wrote them to teach kids especially.


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