Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:  Sr. Clare was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation or tell a funny story, but she was never superficial.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno Listening to her conversion story helped me trust in God’s power more. My soul felt an increase of peace knowing what she had lived before and seeing her now, and what the Lord had done in her.

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteShe had a great gift with children and young people.  She always led them to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Brandy Camp, USA:

brandy campShe helped us to build our faith and she brought her happiness into every class period.

Antonia Demasi, United States:

antonia demasiIf there was anything Sr. Clare taught me, it was that I was strong enough to fight for my faith, old enough to be actively involved in Church activities, and she instilled in me a desire to love Our Lady.

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteSr. Clare often explained to the children that praying the rosary was like giving roses to Our Lady.

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteSister Clare started talking to her and little by little, she started to change.

Lauren Vaccaro,  United States:

lauren vaccaroI admired her life, her joy, and the way she could just make anyone laugh.

Sister Clare with Bowling Ball

Sr. Mary Donovan, USA:  It was after I met her, that I discovered that being holy and being cool was compatible and a wonderful way to live.

gema belmonte

Gema Belmonte: She talked to us a lot about Our Lady and how much Our Lady loved us.


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