Sr. Rachel Newton, United States:

hna rachelSr. Clare knew how to correct the girls and was never afraid to say what she had to say, but she always managed to win people over.

Must Do's

Five pieces of advice and a goal, that is, to have a free heart in order to do God’s will. 

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"When you are at spiritual war, when you’re fighting the fight and you’re not giving in to sin and selfishness, you will have peace."

Sarah Benett, USA:

sarah benett She was full of joy and wanted to help people everywhere.

marilyn matosgrande

Marilyn Matos, USA: Your job is to be holy. That’s your first job.

teresa christmasgrande

Teresa Christmas:  It was an incredible experience just watching her because she was so holy, full of life, full of love, full of laughter.

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Sr. Caroline Guarno, SHM:  Once Sr. Clare came to my parish to give us some ideas to meditate on for a youth group Holy Hour.

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Sr. Mary Donovan, USA:I remember one meeting in particular that she led with the girls called “Retarded Souls.” It was so funny.

Sr. Clare

Giulia Sciutto, USA:  Looking back, I can see how her beautiful soul was trying to reach out to me and help me. Also, now I understand that even though from the outside she seemed to me like a vivacious, clear river, inside, she must have had a very deep spiritual life of silence and stillness.

Sr Clare with Our Lady

Sr. Michelle Klobe (USA):  The morning after the earthquake, I spoke to her interiorly, asking her if it was true that the Our Lady comes to take us up to Heaven with Her. I felt like she said, "Yes, sister, it's true."


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