Sr. Clare and Sr. Paqui

Carl Musozya A sinner, with imperfections just like me, was able to leave it all behind to follow the Lord. How did Fr. Rafael even see the light of Christ in her? It was during this period that I started looking into the Catholic Church.


In April 2021, on the 5th anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death, El Mercurio, one of Chile’s most important newspapers, dedicated an entire page to her. 

Sr. Clare

Michael Laugeman:  It’s astounding to walk through the hallways now and to see images of Sr. Clare on the guys’ bulletin boards and in their rooms in order to remind them of the ways in which she has inspired them.

Perpetual Vows

I often need to kneel before the Father. The truth is that I only find peace when I lean for support on Him, when I go before Him with all my miseries and I let God be God, who loves me and forgives me unconditionally.


There is a word spreading that Sr. Clare’s tomb will be moved to Rome this October. We do not know how this rumor started, but we would like to clarify that it is totally false. Sr. Clare’s tomb will remain in Derry and there are no plans for it to be moved.

Fr. David

Fr. David Keegan:  Her love for the Church, for the Eucharist and for Our Lady really opened my heart. She just helped me understand what my life was supposed to be focused on and centered on. 


Adrían Santos Gilardi Everything started and revived with the contact, testimony and life of Sr. Clare Crockett.

Sr. Clare playing the guitar

Our Lord gave us talents so that we might use them well, not to impress others or use them for bad things. The most important thing is that we use them for His glory.

Juan Morales Montero

Juan Morales Montero, a Catholic songwriter from Ecuador, dedicated a song to Sr. Clare. 

Julissa (right)

Sr. Julissa Macías:  She never missed an opportunity to make us laugh and lift the spirits of those who were down. All this with a deep touch because she was very much against all superficiality.


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