Sr. Clare

Miguel Urbano sent this simple poem dedicated to Sr. Clare, “to whom I am humbly devoted and who is the mediator in my prayers to the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Selena and Sr. Clare

Selena Navarrete:  She truly lived to give glory to God, because you can tell when someone does something to be admired. She was not like that. She brought God to everyone. Her way of being conveyed joy, hope, dedication and much more.

Sr. Clare's writing

In the Home of the Mother we have a Carmelite spirituality, and for this reason we feel very united to the Carmelite Order. In August 2002, just after Sr. Clare completed one year of candidacy in the Servant Sisters, she made a pilgrimage through Spain visiting the places sanctified by great Carmelite saints, such as St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Maravillas de Jesus. In addition, she met the Carmelite Mothers of several cloistered convents, having the opportunity to tell them about her vocation and ask for their prayers. To this day, the Carmelites of Arenas de San Pedro, for example, still remember the joy and grace with which the young Clare told them of her struggles to follow the Lord and how, finally, grace had the victory in her soul.

Sr. Clare

I am more than determined to give my life to God our Lord, to live each day in His presence and fully disposed to His will, and as Sr. Clare said, it’s "All or nothing!"

Fr. Fred and Sr. Clare

Fr. Fred Parke:  The time that I remember the most about the Sisters and Sister Clare especially was when I was asked to give a talk about the Catholic tradition at the community college.  I said to the professor, “Could I bring four sisters along?” and they said, “Wow, that’d be wonderful!” So we got in the van and off we went.

The Apple Tree cartoon

Sometimes we believe everything that people tell us even when what they are saying doesn't seem right to us. Many times television commercials will try and tell us that this new, cool toy is the best. We buy it and it breaks two days later.

Sr. Clare

It is no coincidence that I've seen her movie at the very moment I asked God to send me some help, “show me a miracle”—anything that would pull me out of my own despair.

Sr. Ana Maria

 Sr. Ana Maria Cabezuelo, SHM:  I was always impressed by Sr. Clare's docility and obedience. I could ask her anything and she never made any objection, sour face, complaint or reluctance.


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