Michael and Javier

From Peru and El Salvador, we share two songs dedicated to Sister Clare.

When I Was Little

We share a new story from Sr. Clare’s childhood, written for the HM Children’s magazine in 2005. It will surely make you smile and remember trips from your own childhood.


On the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, I had a strong encounter with Our Lady. I tried to meditate on the sorrow of Our Lady during the crucifixion. 


Niamh Palmer The book has challenged me so much. It has shown me the dangers of mediocrity and superficiality!!

Sr. Clare's Tomb

By Fr. Colum Power, SHM:  Twenty-six unarmed Catholic civilians were shot by British soldiers in the Bogside Massacre on Bloody Sunday, the 10th of January 1972. Fourteen of them died. I was six years and four months old, in first class in primary school.


Sr. Clare's story has even reached Hungary.

hna clare2

After the publication of a news article in a local newspaper in Derry, we have wished to publish this note to clarify some points. 


Sandra Rueda:  Definitely in Sr. Kristen’s life and in Sr. Clare’s life I can see that God takes our desires when we give them up. He overflows in generosity and fulfills our desires in a way that we cannot even imagine, and this gives true joy to our hearts.

Virgin Mary

At the beginning of her life as a Servant Sister, this song—written by Félix Parral—helped Sr. Clare in her relationship with her heavenly Mother.


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