Courtney and Sr. Clare

Courtney McHale:  She seemed to have the true understanding of humility that we all strive for, not a dismissal of our gifts, but zeal to use our gifts for the purposes of God. Sr. Clare was so much fun to be with, she used her talents for acting and storytelling to capture hearts and lead them towards God. She really had a magnetic quality about her.

All or nothing Song by Gerry Loughran

Gerry Loughran wrote this song entitled “All or Nothing” to Sr. Clare, in which he expresses his gratitude for all that he has received from her.

Katherin and Servant Sisters

Katherin:  When we talked, just a few of her words changed things in me without me realizing it. She helped me a lot, which doesn’t happen with many people.

Libro (italiano)

In April 2021, the Italian version of the biography about Sr. Clare, Suor Clare Crockett: Sola con il Solo, was published for the 5th anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death. The day it was released, La Nuova Bussola, a Catholic newspaper in Italy, published an interview with the author, Sr. Kristen Gardner. 

Clare receiving Communion

I have so much pride, Lord. I want it to go away, but I don’t. I’ve spent a lot of time—the majority of my life—wanting to be the center of attention. Now I want to be humble.


Carmen Laje:  She had a very intimate union with the Lord when she received Communion. There were times when she didn’t sing in the choir loft, but close to the altar instead.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Paqui

Carl Musozya A sinner, with imperfections just like me, was able to leave it all behind to follow the Lord. How did Fr. Rafael even see the light of Christ in her? It was during this period that I started looking into the Catholic Church.


In April 2021, on the 5th anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death, El Mercurio, one of Chile’s most important newspapers, dedicated an entire page to her. 

Sr. Clare

Michael Laugeman:  It’s astounding to walk through the hallways now and to see images of Sr. Clare on the guys’ bulletin boards and in their rooms in order to remind them of the ways in which she has inspired them.

Perpetual Vows

I often need to kneel before the Father. The truth is that I only find peace when I lean for support on Him, when I go before Him with all my miseries and I let God be God, who loves me and forgives me unconditionally.


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