H Merly

Sr. Merly Alcívar:  It is something that I say is a gift from the Lord to have been in community with her. She was an example and a gift from the Lord.

Sr. Michelle Araujo, Ecuador:

hna michelle araujoAll of the sudden Sr. Clare appeared and said to me: "C'mon Michelle!  Walk.  It's just a small step.  C'mon.  It's not a big deal.  It's just a step.  Don't look back.  Don't look back.  It's for the Lord.  Give everything to the Lord."

 gema vergaragrande

Gema Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador: Her way of helping souls grow close to God and Our Lady was really attractive.

HnaClare Mariela

Mariela Montes, Ecuador:  I have been left with these words of Sister, and that she did everything with a smile on her face.

ultimo reyes 800 390

Erika Tuarez, Ecuador:  Once everything was ready, we would leave a sign on the Sisters’ door, ring the doorbell and take off running to hide in the hall. The sign would say something like, “We are the Three Kings. Come find us so we can bring our gifts to the Child Jesus.”

h clare barriendo barro 800 390

Sr. Mary Donovan, USA:  Her face and her voice, completely worn-out from all the work and apostolate, made me reflect a lot on my own surrender to God and if I was really giving all I could to bring souls to God. 

hna. Clare delante del Santísimo en el Condor

Fr. Francesco Rizzi:  The memory of Sr. Clare that I will always conserve in my heart is that of her love for Jesus and her desire for greater perfection, not in the sense of her effort but out of love. She desired to love Jesus more and more.

Su muerte cambio1

Ruth Briones, Ecuador:  She always told us, “We have to give everything for God, not half-way.”


María Vergara, Ecuador:  Each one of the girls gave of themselves totally because they had so much to give.

Hna. Clare con un niño en Ecuador

Tamara Ximena Tacuri Morales, Ecuador:  I loved talking to her because when I was with her, I saw in her gaze a great interest in everything we spoke about. 


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