Gema and Family

Gema Loor:  She always, always encouraged us to look to Our Lady, even to write letters to her when we were having a hard time. I also remember her saying that we should never take off our wedding rings, and we never do.

Selena and Sr. Clare

Selena Navarrete:  She truly lived to give glory to God, because you can tell when someone does something to be admired. She was not like that. She brought God to everyone. Her way of being conveyed joy, hope, dedication and much more.

Andrea Stans (right) and her family

Andrea Stans:  She was always surrounded by kids and youth. She was like a magnet to bring them to Jesus and Mary. She led us to God and Mary through music.


Guadalupe Cedeño:  She was so much fun. Her attitude and the way she took things made work a lot less burdensome. She never wanted to waste time.

Katherin and Servant Sisters

Katherin:  When we talked, just a few of her words changed things in me without me realizing it. She helped me a lot, which doesn’t happen with many people.


Carmen Laje:  She had a very intimate union with the Lord when she received Communion. There were times when she didn’t sing in the choir loft, but close to the altar instead.

Julissa (right)

Sr. Julissa Macías:  She never missed an opportunity to make us laugh and lift the spirits of those who were down. All this with a deep touch because she was very much against all superficiality.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Merly

Sr. Merly Alcívar:  She always used to say, “Sister, what can I do to help?” She reflected God’s love. She made you want to be with her all the time.

Sr. Clare with Children

She taught me to love people as they are, with their faults and virtues. When she saw a rebellious young person, she would say that they were running away from what Jesus was asking of them. That’s why they were trying to fill the emptiness they had in their heart with worldly stuff.

Sr. Mercedes

Sr. Mercedes Párraga:  Sr. Clare arrived in Playa Prieta in October 2014 and we went to Cajas a few months later. When we got there, we went to the Virgin Mary’s garden. It was a small group of girls and sisters.


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