Isabel and Sr. Clare

Isabel Ibáñez:  She was a strong woman. Her words had strength. She had wisdom to shut your mouth and look down on you, and yet she didn't do that. I was a imperturbable teenager with a similar ability to speak out and with a clarity of ideas, and I saw that she had the same ability but used it differently.

Sr. Ana Maria

 Sr. Ana Maria Cabezuelo, SHM:  I was always impressed by Sr. Clare's docility and obedience. I could ask her anything and she never made any objection, sour face, complaint or reluctance.

hna megan murray votos

Sr. Megan Murray SHM, USA: She set the bar high and maintained it that way the entire time.

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Sr. Ana Maria Lapeña, Spain:  Everyone remembers Sr. Clare’s cheerfulness, her gifts as a “people person,” her sense of humor, her imagination… However, in addition to all that, she had a number of virtues that you could only admire in her by living with her on a daily basis.


Sarah Soboleski, USA:

sarah soboleskiI owe a lot to Sr. Clare, the salvation of my soul! I am very grateful to Sr. Clare.

Sr. Stacy singing with Sr. Clare and other sisters

Sr. Stacey Donovan, SHM: I spent a lot of time with her, and I believe I can say that I never saw her sad. She was always thinking about others.

Esmeralda Labrador Mancebo, Spain:

esmeralda"Now I see that it was the Lord that put Sister Clare in my path to take me to Him. "

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Sr. Annemarie Naiman, USA:  Even though she felt awful, she was able to forget about herself to talk to the people.

Sr. Beatriz

Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM:  I can still see the scene: Sr. Clare laying on the back seat with her eyes closed while the taxi started up. When I saw her again after a few hours at dinner, she was serving the girls and telling jokes and spreading joy.

Julia McCambridge:

juliamccambridgeHer conviction to love in every way, at each moment, was and still is inspiring.


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