Courtney and Sr. Clare

Courtney McHale:  She seemed to have the true understanding of humility that we all strive for, not a dismissal of our gifts, but zeal to use our gifts for the purposes of God. Sr. Clare was so much fun to be with, she used her talents for acting and storytelling to capture hearts and lead them towards God. She really had a magnetic quality about her.

Fr. David

Fr. David Keegan:  Her love for the Church, for the Eucharist and for Our Lady really opened my heart. She just helped me understand what my life was supposed to be focused on and centered on. 

Sr. Mary Rose Gallaher, USA:

hnamaryrosecirShe told me: "That’s what we all need: to see ourselves as not important, to realize that we are nothing, and to place God in the center of our lives.”

Sr. Annemaria Naiman, USA:

h annemarieHer concern for us to live that little sacrifice with joy was stronger than her.

Sr. Annemaria Naiman, U.S.A:

h annemarieHer apostolic zeal was so sincere that it gave fruit in any situation: with elderly people, married couples, youth…

Hna. Ruth, España:

hna ruth That was Sr. Clare: direct, but always with a sense of humor, and when she spoke like that it was always out of love and for the salvation of souls.

Sister Alison María Vandevoorde, United States:

hna alisonSister Clare wanted to light up someone´s day in such a way that the other person just experienced the joy of feeling loved, without realizing that it was a “favor.” 

Sr. Sasha Smith, United States:

hsasha 3Whenever Sister Clare had given me advice, help and counsel, her reference was always the life of Christ.

Sr. Annemaria Naiman, U.S.A:

h annemarieI still remember the fire with which she spoke to us about the damage we cause ourselves with all the masks we constantly put on.

Sarah Benett, USA:

sarah benett She was full of joy and wanted to help people everywhere.


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