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Sr. Beatriz Liaño:  Sr. Clare had not been a part of the community for very long when this anecdote took place. I think she was still a candidate, although perhaps she was already a novice. All I know is that I had a hard time understanding the mystery of her nationality.

Clare and Sara

Sr. Sara Lozano:  I thank the Lord for having her as a sister and for the time I did spend with her. I learned a lot from her.

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Sr. Kristen Gardner, USA:  Sometimes at night after dinner (when it was just us girls) she would act like she was seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. She would look up as if she was hearing a voice, and responded: “Yes, yes. You want us to eat chocolate?"

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Sr. Ruth Maria O'Callagan:  I never remember Sr. Clare with a sad face, or complaining about anything or anyone.  If something was difficult for her, she would just make a joke about it and get on with it, no matter what it was.

gema belmonte

Gema Belmonte: She talked to us a lot about Our Lady and how much Our Lady loved us.

Dolores Hambleton, USA:

dolores hambletonHer recaptured innocence drew a crowd of innocent's every place she went.


silviaSeeing what the Lord has done with her amazes me and fills me with joy.


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