Sr. Clare in Jacksonville

During this time of Advent don’t forget to go to adoration—remember, that’s where you get your strength from.

H Clare

The artistic genius of Sr. Clare not only involved acting, singing, and songwriting, but also overflowed in writing. To prove it, today we present a play written by Sr. Clare while she was at Assumption Parish in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sr. Clare with Children before the Blessed Sacrament

Children are constantly asking me, “Sr. Clare, when will you take us over to see Jesus in your chapel?”

hna. Clare meditando en Tierra Santa

Ask the Lord what He wants from you. STOP doing what you want and what feels good, and START doing the will of God… it is there that you’ll find true happiness.

christmas play

This Nativity Play was written by Sr. Clare in 2007 for the first graders to perform at Assumption Catholic School in Jacksonville, Florida. Ever since Sr. Clare wrote this play the first graders have been putting it on every year at Christmas time, trying to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.


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