Clare and Kristen

"Most of the young people we talked to were baptized, but when we asked them, “So do you live as a Christian?” the general answer was that they did not. They didn't go to Mass on Sundays and very rarely went to confession or prayed."

Clare singing

We human beings are so pitiful, putting all our trust and hope in other persons when these people can easily fail us. Why don’t we have so much confidence in our Heavenly Father?

Clare praying

We must not set all our hopes and aspirations in the world and on quickly passing values of earthly attractions, things which could be here today and gone tomorrow.

hclare ensenando2

Article from H.M. Magazine:  "Even though I was the teacher I feel that they were the ones who taught me…"

Sr. Clare playing the guitar with kids

We must examine our conscience and ask ourselves if we are being coherent with what we believe and if we want to live in coherence with what we say. Are we being instruments or obstacles for those around us? Are we leading souls to God or driving them away from Him? Are we perhaps leading them to ourselves?


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