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While in the United States, Sr. Clare prepared this short text about the virtue of patience and its contrary vice to help the monitors to explain the topic to their team of girls at the HM Summer Camp. She gives some concrete examples of how to fight for this virtue of patience, in the context of a summer camp.

Quotes copied by Sr. Clare

On opening the Bible randomly twice today, these were the two passages that I found. Just causality or is God speaking?

Karolina (right)

Karolina Vera:  A letter Sr. Clare gave me on Saturday, April 9, 2016, just one week before the earthquake.

abnegacion egoismo

These may seem like little things, but sometimes they can be very hard to do. But have courage! God, seeing your good intention, is going to help you out.


The battle begins… starts right now. Who will win? Charity or envy?


Before I did everything for selfish reasons, for my own pleasure – I lived for myself. That’s just stupid. God created us for much more.

Hna. Clare in Jacksonville 2008

In these outlines, Sr. Clare has unintentionally left us her personal path to growth in virtue and her own battle against mediocrity.

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"What is your biggest fear? What makes you sad? What makes you happy?"

h clare cara preocupada800 390

"Anything I’ve ever asked of you was for your own good".

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"Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. By letting herself be loved and purified by Jesus she is known today as: Saint Mary Magdalene – Virgin of the Church."


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