Sr. Clare with a group of girls

In Jacksonville, Florida (USA), our Sisters found 6 pages with different stories of Eucharistic miracles.

The Apple Tree cartoon

Sometimes we believe everything that people tell us even when what they are saying doesn't seem right to us. Many times television commercials will try and tell us that this new, cool toy is the best. We buy it and it breaks two days later.

Sr. Clare playing the guitar

Our Lord gave us talents so that we might use them well, not to impress others or use them for bad things. The most important thing is that we use them for His glory.

When I Was Wee

Instead of preparing our Christmas list this year, let’s prepare our hearts so that Our Lord may be born in them too. I am sure that this is the best present we can give Him for His birthday.


Boys and girls, we should stop and think. How many hours do I spend watching the TV?

2008 Hna. Clare los santos

You can also be a saint!!!


We think about how our sins offend Jesus and we are sorry for them: "I'm sorry, Jesus. I won't do it again."

When I was Little

"My sisters and I loved to decorate our house at Christmas time. In school we would make some decorations to hang on the Christmas tree and my mother would buy tinsel and other objects to decorate our house to give it that 'Christmas cheery look'..."


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