Sr. Clare in front of the Nativity Scene

Giving and doing good to others is such a blessing! Blessed be God! He is the One Who does everything.

Clare in 2002

In the HM Magazine issue number 109, November-December 2002, we found this poem that Sr. Clare, candidate for the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother at the time, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sr. Clare and Mother Ana in the Holy Land

I think about our persecuted brothers and sisters a lot. I pray for them, and I really feel that Sr. Guadalupe’s testimony and integrity as well as the bravery of the Nazarenes.

Sr. Clare's Perpetual Vows

The Virgin Mary is so great! I don’t know how to explain how much good it does me to be with Her and just look at Her.

Sr. Clare

What makes the Lord happy is when I let Him save me, and my happiness is in the fact that God desires to save me. He does everything, moves everything and permits everything in order to save me.

Sr. Clare

Sure, there are acts of obedience that are hard for me, but I know that they are always for my good.

Sister Clare

Coming back from the first Rosary at Dawn, we had adoration. I read a sentence that helps me every day when I get up. It said, “Ad majora natus sum,” which literally translates to “I was born for greater things.”

help me to love you

A brief prayer in Sr. Clare’s handwriting

Sr. Clare Laughing

Half-joking, as always, but completely serious, as always, Sr. Clare wrote her letter to the Three Kings in 2016.

Hna. Clare rezando

In prayer I understood that I have to turn everything I do, especially getting up at five o’clock in the morning, into a “sacrifice of praise.”


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