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While in the United States, Sr. Clare prepared this short text about the virtue of patience and its contrary vice to help the monitors to explain the topic to their team of girls at the HM Summer Camp. She gives some concrete examples of how to fight for this virtue of patience, in the context of a summer camp.

Sr. Clare with a group of girls

In Jacksonville, Florida (USA), our Sisters found 6 pages with different stories of Eucharistic miracles.

Clare and Kristen

"Most of the young people we talked to were baptized, but when we asked them, “So do you live as a Christian?” the general answer was that they did not. They didn't go to Mass on Sundays and very rarely went to confession or prayed."

Sr. Clare's writing

In the Home of the Mother we have a Carmelite spirituality, and for this reason we feel very united to the Carmelite Order. In August 2002, just after Sr. Clare completed one year of candidacy in the Servant Sisters, she made a pilgrimage through Spain visiting the places sanctified by great Carmelite saints, such as St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Maravillas de Jesus. In addition, she met the Carmelite Mothers of several cloistered convents, having the opportunity to tell them about her vocation and ask for their prayers. To this day, the Carmelites of Arenas de San Pedro, for example, still remember the joy and grace with which the young Clare told them of her struggles to follow the Lord and how, finally, grace had the victory in her soul.

The Apple Tree cartoon

Sometimes we believe everything that people tell us even when what they are saying doesn't seem right to us. Many times television commercials will try and tell us that this new, cool toy is the best. We buy it and it breaks two days later.

Sr. Clare in Jacksonville

During this time of Advent don’t forget to go to adoration—remember, that’s where you get your strength from.

Clare singing

We human beings are so pitiful, putting all our trust and hope in other persons when these people can easily fail us. Why don’t we have so much confidence in our Heavenly Father?

Clare receiving Communion

I have so much pride, Lord. I want it to go away, but I don’t. I’ve spent a lot of time—the majority of my life—wanting to be the center of attention. Now I want to be humble.

Perpetual Vows

I often need to kneel before the Father. The truth is that I only find peace when I lean for support on Him, when I go before Him with all my miseries and I let God be God, who loves me and forgives me unconditionally.

Sr. Clare playing the guitar

Our Lord gave us talents so that we might use them well, not to impress others or use them for bad things. The most important thing is that we use them for His glory.


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