Sr. Clare with Children

She taught me to love people as they are, with their faults and virtues. When she saw a rebellious young person, she would say that they were running away from what Jesus was asking of them. That’s why they were trying to fill the emptiness they had in their heart with worldly stuff.

Sr. Mercedes

Sr. Mercedes Párraga:  Sr. Clare arrived in Playa Prieta in October 2014 and we went to Cajas a few months later. When we got there, we went to the Virgin Mary’s garden. It was a small group of girls and sisters.

H Merly

Sr. Merly Alcívar:  It is something that I say is a gift from the Lord to have been in community with her. She was an example and a gift from the Lord.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Megan

Sr. Megan Conway:  She was firm with other people and not did make excuses for them. She always encouraged them to look at what they had to do for God and not lower their standards. 

Clare and Sara

Sr. Sara Lozano:  I thank the Lord for having her as a sister and for the time I did spend with her. I learned a lot from her.








hna megan murray votos

Sr. Megan Murray SHM, USA: She set the bar high and maintained it that way the entire time.

hnaclare roma

Sr. Kristen Gardner: Sr. Clare was convinced that Cardinal Ratzinger was going to be elected.

hnakristen 2

Sr. Kristen Gardner, USA:  Sometimes at night after dinner (when it was just us girls) she would act like she was seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. She would look up as if she was hearing a voice, and responded: “Yes, yes. You want us to eat chocolate?"

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Sr. Ruth Maria O'Callagan:  I never remember Sr. Clare with a sad face, or complaining about anything or anyone.  If something was difficult for her, she would just make a joke about it and get on with it, no matter what it was.


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