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Sr. Beatriz Liaño:  Sr. Clare had not been a part of the community for very long when this anecdote took place. I think she was still a candidate, although perhaps she was already a novice. All I know is that I had a hard time understanding the mystery of her nationality.

Isabel and Sr. Clare

Isabel Ibáñez:  She was a strong woman. Her words had strength. She had wisdom to shut your mouth and look down on you, and yet she didn't do that. I was a imperturbable teenager with a similar ability to speak out and with a clarity of ideas, and I saw that she had the same ability but used it differently.

Sr. Sasha

Sr. Sasha Smith, USA:  I remember a conversation I had with her about the fact that God is good. She was the first person who convinced me of that, or affirmed it to me. For a long time, I had a concept of God that was wrong, and talking with her, she explained to me how God cannot be anything but love.

Gema and Family

Gema Loor:  She always, always encouraged us to look to Our Lady, even to write letters to her when we were having a hard time. I also remember her saying that we should never take off our wedding rings, and we never do.

Selena and Sr. Clare

Selena Navarrete:  She truly lived to give glory to God, because you can tell when someone does something to be admired. She was not like that. She brought God to everyone. Her way of being conveyed joy, hope, dedication and much more.

Fr. Fred and Sr. Clare

Fr. Fred Parke:  The time that I remember the most about the Sisters and Sister Clare especially was when I was asked to give a talk about the Catholic tradition at the community college.  I said to the professor, “Could I bring four sisters along?” and they said, “Wow, that’d be wonderful!” So we got in the van and off we went.

Sr. Ana Maria

 Sr. Ana Maria Cabezuelo, SHM:  I was always impressed by Sr. Clare's docility and obedience. I could ask her anything and she never made any objection, sour face, complaint or reluctance.

Andrea Stans (right) and her family

Andrea Stans:  She was always surrounded by kids and youth. She was like a magnet to bring them to Jesus and Mary. She led us to God and Mary through music.


Guadalupe Cedeño:  She was so much fun. Her attitude and the way she took things made work a lot less burdensome. She never wanted to waste time.

Courtney and Sr. Clare

Courtney McHale:  She seemed to have the true understanding of humility that we all strive for, not a dismissal of our gifts, but zeal to use our gifts for the purposes of God. Sr. Clare was so much fun to be with, she used her talents for acting and storytelling to capture hearts and lead them towards God. She really had a magnetic quality about her.


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