Sr. Clare playing

While in the United States, Sr. Clare prepared this short text about the virtue of patience and its contrary vice to help the monitors to explain the topic to their team of girls at the HM Summer Camp. She gives some concrete examples of how to fight for this virtue of patience, in the context of a summer camp.

Sister Clare

Sr. Clare has touched many hearts at the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in the United States, so much so that they have decided to dedicate two pages to her testimony in their Fall publication of The Herald. Here is one of the testimonies.

Isabel and Sr. Clare

Isabel Ibáñez:  She was a strong woman. Her words had strength. She had wisdom to shut your mouth and look down on you, and yet she didn't do that. I was a imperturbable teenager with a similar ability to speak out and with a clarity of ideas, and I saw that she had the same ability but used it differently.

Sr. Clare with a group of girls

In Jacksonville, Florida (USA), our Sisters found 6 pages with different stories of Eucharistic miracles.

6th Anniversary

This year, Sr. Clare Crockett's anniversary falls on Holy Saturday. Six years have already passed since the death of our dear Sister. On this sixth anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death, the Home of the Mother and the EUK Mamie Foundation have prepared material that can help us, both children and adults, get to know her better: a new biography, a book of articles written by Sr. Clare addressed to children, and a new video that summarizes her conversion in 15 minutes.

Lumen Veritatis

The magazine of the Theological Institute of St. Thomas Aquinas, Lumen Veritatis, published an article dedicated to the biography of Sr. Clare, written by Fr. Carlos Werner, EP, in its 51st issue. We share the article below.

Sr. Sasha

Sr. Sasha Smith, USA:  I remember a conversation I had with her about the fact that God is good. She was the first person who convinced me of that, or affirmed it to me. For a long time, I had a concept of God that was wrong, and talking with her, she explained to me how God cannot be anything but love.

Sr. Clare singing

Scarleth Beltrán:  I felt as if Sr. Clare was telling me, "I got out of the muck. You can too." And that's how the story of my conversion began with a documentary.

Osservatore Romano

On February 1, 2022, an article about the book on Sr. Clare Crockett was published in the Italian edition of the Vatican City newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. It takes up half a page and features a photograph of the mural dedicated to Sr. Clare in the Brandywell neighborhood in Derry, her hometown.

Clare and Kristen

"Most of the young people we talked to were baptized, but when we asked them, “So do you live as a Christian?” the general answer was that they did not. They didn't go to Mass on Sundays and very rarely went to confession or prayed."


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