In this video, Sr. Clare plays a song called "Hasta el cielo" ("Unto Heaven"). It was written by a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother in Spain who sent the lyrics and chords to the Sisters in Ecuador. Sister Clare wanted to learn it with the girls in the Home for Sr. Estela's birthday in January 2016. Thanks to Divine Providence, one of the girls recorded part of the rehearsal with Sr. Clare.

Since the recording cuts off halfway through the song, you can listen to a recording of the complete song in Spanish below and see the English translation of the lyrics:

Lyrics in English:

In sacred silence, you come to my heart.
Your children seek and come to you
upon the faithful way.
I seek You, Oh God,
at the side of She who was strong at the foot of the Cross.

To Heaven – it’s where I want to go!
With your blue mantel, I want to cover
my great littleness, my poor giving,
Mary of Garbandal.

Today, Mother, may my hands be found full
and may I always faithfully follow
what you have thought…
Encourage my holiness!

Cups are filled with your sorrow.
A bitter cry, a piercing sword.

Bleeding Heart… I meditate your Passion,
Oh, Sorrowful Mother of God.

To Heaven – it’s where I want to go!...

Put out into the deep.
Let my anchor sink into your will.
Bread of Life, give wings to my soul.

To Heaven – it’s where I want to go!...


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