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The biggest discovery of this interior and exterior trip was that she drew close to God.

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Fr. Roland Cahoon seeks to answer the mass media’s questions. They wanted to know who Sr. Clare was directly from someone who had known her first hand.

Hna. Clare en Chino

On April 19, 2016 declared that "one of the victims was a religious missionary from Northern Ireland, named Sr. Clare Crockett.”

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The news of Sr. Clare’s death reaches Korea.

Primer aniversario de la hna. Clare y compañeras

 Sr. Beatriz Liano, SHM:  Our Lord was able to make Sr. Clare a “famous nun,” and her story reached the news worldwide because Sr. Clare walked decidedly on the path of humility and placed all of her natural talents at the service of God’s glory and well-being of souls.

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Sr. Clare in Hindi

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The post published on Facebook on April 18, 2016, hours after the rescue team found Sr. Clare’s lifeless body, had huge repercussions.

La Gaceta

The article published by “La Gaceta” accentuates that Sr. Clare “left her acting career to give her life to God.”

Carol Toner

Donna Deeney:  Heroic Sister Clare inspired Camino Way pilgrimage by Downpatrick teacher Carol Toner.


Jose Luis Restan:  The faith is what impresses me. I have experienced it once again upon reading the story of a young religious sister, Sister Clare Crockett, deceased during the earthquake that devastated the North coast of Ecuador.

I Am Worship Band

I Am Worship Band: "Thank you for your shining example of faith and love. We are richer for knowing you."

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“The Most Difficult Case of 2016”

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“She was a sister with ‘The Home of the Mother’ doing God’s work far from home.”

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COPE: “She Gave up an Acting Career in Order to Serve Others”


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