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She’s Worth Remembering: Sr. Clare in Ecuador's La Hora

La Hora

In the pictures and videos from this event she is happy, constantly smiling, moving about easily without complexes, but above all, happy.

La Hora is an Ecuadorian newspaper that defines itself as "a liberal, secular, agnostic, and inclusive means of communication." On April 23, 2016, a few days after the earthquake in Ecuador, La Hora published this article in its opinions section about Sr. Clare. The author affirms, "She’s worth remembering."

OPINION: Sr. Clare Crockett

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, 33 years ago; passed away in Playa Prieta, Ecuador, a few days ago in the earthquake. Her life summary says that she came from a family that was Catholic from a political standpoint, but not in their practice or convictions: "There was no place for God in my life." From a very young age her dream was to be an actress, and at 15 she entered a theater company; she hosted television, acted in mass media, won awards, played a minor role in a movie, and wrote theater. After acting, what mattered most to her was having fun on weekends with friends, including getting drunk. She never saved a cent.

Until one day, a friend asked her if she wanted to travel to Spain for free. She thought, "Spain, the sun, parties, drinks!" But she was disappointed, because it was with a group of pilgrims organized to pray to the Virgin Mary in a 16th century monastery. There she felt the first call to serve God in her neighbor, but she ignored it and continued doing her own thing. She acted in a movie and realized she was unhappy in spite of having fulfilled her initial dreams. She felt empty. "I knew that only by doing what God wanted for me I would be happy. The Lord showed me how much my crazy lifestyle wounded His Sacred Heart. I knew that I had to leave everything and follow Him. I knew very clearly that He was asking me to trust Him and to put my life in His hands with faith."

On September 8, 2010, she took her perpetual vows in the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother with the name, Sr. Clare Maria of the Trinity and the Heart of Mary. In the pictures and videos from this event she is happy, constantly smiling, moving about easily without complexes, but above all, happy. Hers is one of so many lives ignored by large mass media, cut short, yet complete. She sowed light, and is worth remembering, like two forgotten religious sisters who lived in Manabi in the 19th century: St. Maria Bernarda Butler and Bl. Maria Caridad Brader. Here we remember the three of them: Three sisters surrendered to the poorest and most abandoned.


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