Sister Clare

Sr. Clare has touched many hearts at the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in the United States, so much so that they have decided to dedicate two pages to her testimony in their Fall publication of The Herald. Here is one of the testimonies.

My devotion to Sr. Clare Crockett began after watching a documentary of her life called All or Nothing. I was inspired by her life and her deep abandonment to the will of our Heavenly Father. She has helped teach me that a life in Jesus Christ is the fullest life one can live. She journeyed from a very worldly life to a life totally dedicated to serving Christ and His Church.

Herald Fall

What impacted me the most about Sr. Clare is that she only cared to do the will of the Father. She inspires me to stay motivated and on-task with my coursework and other obligations as a college seminarian. While I may not be fully involved in parish ministry, what I am doing already aids future ministry. Even if it does not seem like the task in front of me is the most valuable thing to do, such as cleaning rooms or studying for a Latin quiz, it can bear fruit. Everything in our lives can be given over to Jesus. Sr. Clare did the tasks that no one wanted to do and sacrificed her own will. Through her example, even though it is a great challenge, I am learning to sacrifice my will, giving up the things I want, and living more closely united to the Lord. Like Sr. Clare, let us also be all or nothing! Sr. Clare Crockett, pray for us!

- Jax Byington

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