Before Sr. Clare joined her religious congregation, she was an actress in Ireland. Once she entered as a Sister during her time in the community of Valencia, she helped with the hospital ministry in the Hospital of Mislata. She also worked in parish ministry and with the families of Torrent where the community had their house in the outskirts of Valencia. (Taken from the article in AVAN)

AVAN (acronym for “Archdiocese of Valencia Agency of News”) is the news agency of the Archdiocese of Valencia, Spain. On March 20th of 2018, the Archdiocese of Valencia’s website published this lengthy press release about Sr. Clare´s film that is sent to the more than 200 mass media that have requested their informative service. It highlights that Sr. Clare was there for one year in the community of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Valencia, dedicated to the pastoral service of the terminal or chronic patients.

You can see the original article with the following link (in Spanish): AVAN


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