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Libro (italiano)

In April 2021, the Italian version of the biography about Sr. Clare, Suor Clare Crockett: Sola con il Solo, was published for the 5th anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death. The day it was released, La Nuova Bussola, a Catholic newspaper in Italy, published an interview with the author, Sr. Kristen Gardner. 


In April 2021, on the 5th anniversary of Sr. Clare’s death, El Mercurio, one of Chile’s most important newspapers, dedicated an entire page to her. 


The HMY website published a wallpaper with a drawing of Sr. Clare.


With the title, "‘Grant me an undivided heart’: first biography reveals spiritual writings of Sr. Clare Crockett”, Catholic News Agency publishes an interview with Sr. Kristen Gardner on the recently published book about Sr. Clare.


Sr. Clare's story has even reached Hungary.

Fr. Joseph

On June 13, 2020, Fr. Joseph dedicated another EWTN daily Mass homily to Sr. Clare.

Sr. Clare visiting a patient

Fr. Joseph began his reflection by speaking about Sister Clare's apostolate in the hospital in Valencia. He spoke of the story of Paco, a patient who was dying of AIDS, whom Sister Clare led to a beautiful friendship with the Eucharistic Jesus by telling him about her own conversion and many stories of her family.

Simposio Católico Virtual

The Catholic Virtual Symposium invited the Home of the Mother to speak about Sr. Clare Crockett because of the huge influence her story has had on people of all ages, but especially on youth.

The Word Among Us

The Word Among Us is a very faithful Catholic magazine that reaches nearly 500,000 homes in North America alone. In the Easter 2020 Issue, Laura Loker wrote an extensive article about the figure and spirituality of Sr. Clare Crockett.


With nearly 650,000 newsletter subscribers and 3,600,000 fans on Facebook, Aleteia reaches over 15 million visitors per month and is a reference point for Catholic, online evangelization.

Educational Dossier

We have entrusted the distribution of All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett in French to SAJE Distribution, an association that, through its own merit, has become a reference point for Christian movie distribution in France and all French-speaking countries.

All or Nothing in French

The DVD All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett is now available in France. It bears the logo of SAJE Distribution, the main distributer for Catholic cinema in the country.


 In its 48th issue, January 2020, Zélie published an article titled, “Clare Crockett, or the Search for the Absolute,” by Fr. Vincent Pinilla, member of the Fraternity of St. Thomas Beckett,

Fray Nelson

On January 3, 2019, during a Female Apostolic Religious Life retreat, Fray Nelson Medina, O.P., recommended the documentary All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett to the religious sisters who had gathered for it. He affirmed: “It is a moving testimony.”


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