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The "Reproaches" are verses sung during the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. You can listen to the "Reproaches" composed by Sr. Clare here.

The "Reproaches" put into Jesus' mouth, with words of Scripture and Tradition, the complaints of Jesus against the ingratitude of his people. 

Sister Clare, during Lent of 2010, while in the community in Jacksonville, set the "Reproaches" to music in English. Sr. Kelly Maria tells us about Sr. Clare's circumstances and motivations for composing the English "Reproaches." 

Dear Sisters,

Here are the Reproaches sung in English. They were composed during Lent of 2010, when Sr. Clare was in the Jacksonville community.

We sisters were talking about music for the Holy Week Encounter. We knew the Reproaches in Spanish, but Sr. Clare commented that she was sorry that there was no beautiful song in English to help pray in this important moment of the veneration of the Cross. Her concern is understandable, since it was precisely at that moment that the Lord granted her the grace of conversion, during the Good Friday Liturgy in 2000.  

Once again, Sr. Clare showed herself to be not a "problem sister," but a "solution sister." When she saw a need, she did not waste time complaining about it, but tried to find a solution. I remember being on a trip with her and she would come up with the melody. From time to time, consulted me to see what I thought. I always thought what she was doing was very good. She herself came up with a harmony and we rehearsed it together. A few days later she came to tell me that another harmony had come to her (it is the Kyrie eleison that you hear at the end almost like an echo). We sang it that year 2010 and, since then, we repeat it every year. We find it beautiful to be able to venerate the Cross while singing the music of Sr. Clare, remembering the moment that was fundamental for her.   

I hope you like it and that it helps you!

Thank you for everything! May you have a holy and fruitful Easter Triduum.

United in the Heart of Our Mother,
Sister Kelly Maria Pezo


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