Hna. Clare comulgando 

This past February 5, 2018, Feast Day of St. Agatha, martyr, Fr. Rafael ended his homily by spontaneously mentioning the example we have received from Sr. Clare. The following is a transcription of what was said and is worth reading.

download ingThe audio is in Spanish, but the text of the English translation is below.


We have also had the personal example of our Sister, Sr. Clare Crockett, who is present in our community as a model of how to act and surrender and where the center of our Sister’s life was, on Jesus Christ. She had no center other than Him and that of fulfilling God’s will. You could send her wherever you wanted. To the United States? Well, that’s where she went. To Belmonte? There she went. To take care of the elderly in Priego? And there she went. If she had to go work with the children in Playa Prieta… that’s where she went. If she had to be in Guayaquil, that’s where she was. She has been a wonderful example which the Lord has also given us, and at a young age because at the age of 33 the Lord came for her, for she was already prepared. And for us, this has meant a great enrichment for us as well as for the Irish people who are very proud of the fact that Clare Crockett was born in Derry… in London-Derry County, Northern Ireland. In her heart, she belonged to the Lord and that is how she overcame all nationalism… she overcame all nationalism. That is why she served the elderly, children, and young people… and that is why she served those who are from here, there, anywhere without giving importance to anything other than doing God’s will. That was her commitment and her love was Jesus Christ. May God, Our Lord, teach us how to give our lives to God so that He can guide us as He sees fit through the example of Sr. Clare and St. Agatha. So be it.


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