Sr. Clare singing with a young boy

"Because we belong to a family, a very, very, very big family. The Communion of Saints is our family name."

All or nothing Song by Gerry Loughran

Gerry Loughran wrote this song entitled “All or Nothing” to Sr. Clare, in which he expresses his gratitude for all that he has received from her.

La Hna. Clare rezando con niños

Sr. Kelly Pezo remembered a song Sr. Clare used with the kids to help them learn the Ten Commandments.

When I Was Little

This story was written by Sr. Clare for the Home of the Mother’s kids’ magazine in 2004. They are stories based on true events, but she wrote them to teach kids especially.

La H Kelly María y la H Clare grabando

During the summer of 2012, Sr. Clare was working on a CD for young people.

Sr. Clare singing

The "Reproaches" are verses sung during the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. You can listen to the "Reproaches" composed by Sr. Clare here.

When I Was Little

We share a new story from Sr. Clare’s childhood, written for the HM Children’s magazine in 2005. It will surely make you smile and remember trips from your own childhood.

Virgin Mary

At the beginning of her life as a Servant Sister, this song—written by Félix Parral—helped Sr. Clare in her relationship with her heavenly Mother.

When I Was Little

For the 2009 Christmas season, Sr. Clare wrote this article for HM Zoom+, the Home of the Mother Magazine for kids. We also have it recorded by Sr. Clare herself in Spanish. This Christmas, we pray for the grace to make Jesus the center of our hearts, like Sr. Clare writes at the end of the article. If He is missing, there will be a huge empty space like in this story about the jigsaw puzzle.

cd hclare

For Sr. Clare, music and the guitar were important tools for evangelization, with young people especially, but also with the community and in any type of apostolic work. 

Hna. Clare comulgando 

This past February 5, 2018, Feast Day of St. Agatha, martyr, Fr. Rafael ended his homily by spontaneously mentioning the example we have received from Sr. Clare. The following is a transcription of what was said and is worth reading.

download ingThe audio is in Spanish, but the text of the English translation is below.


Preferisco il Paradiso 

While preparing for summer camp this year in northern Italy, the sisters thought that it would be a good idea to translate “I Prefer Paradise” to Italian. Sr. Anna Riordan tells us about it.

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no es monotonia 

Shortly before Sr. Clare went to Playa Prieta, Sr. Estela Morales composed a poem about an experience she had in prayer.  Each verse begins with a phrase directed to the Lord, who gives meaning to and sustains our entire existence: “And it’s because life is You.”  After having read it, Sr. Clare transformed Sr. Estela’s prayer into a song, which we now share with you in a “home recording” from Christmas 2015, Sr. Clare’s last Christmas.  In it, Sr. Clare herself sings – for the community and some young girls close to them – the song: “It’s Not Monotony” (“No es monotonía”).  The following is a translation of the song sung in Spanish.  

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 The audio is in Spanish, but the text of the English translation is below.

que quieromi jesus largo 

In her Letter to the Three Kings on January 6, 2016, Sr. Clare wrote: “There’s a song titled, ‘¿Qué quiero mi Jesús?’ [What Do I Want, My Jesus?]. I would like to live what the song says. Can you grant me this, or do I have to speak directly with Jesus Christ and His Mother?" These are the lyrics from that song. It is a poem by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, a Spanish priest and writer from the 17th century. May Our Lord grant us the grace to live what the lyrics of the song ask for.

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Homilia P Clare
September 17, 2016

Homily by Fr. Rafael Alonso Reymundo

The figure of Sr. Clare is stirring up interest every day. She is deceased sister who is still very alive. So alive, that she is in our hearts and has become a true example for us to follow.

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This song was written by Sr. Estela, SHM. Sr. Clare wrote the music for it. The song was inspired after a girls' pilgrimage to Cajas, Azuay, Ecuador, a Marian shrine where Our Lady is venerated under the title "The Guardian of the Faith."



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