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Half-joking, as always, but completely serious, as always, Sr. Clare wrote her letter to the Three Kings in 2016.

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"Anything I’ve ever asked of you was for your own good".

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"Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. By letting herself be loved and purified by Jesus she is known today as: Saint Mary Magdalene – Virgin of the Church."

christmas play

This Nativity Play was written by Sr. Clare in 2007 for the first graders to perform at Assumption Catholic School in Jacksonville, Florida. Ever since Sr. Clare wrote this play the first graders have been putting it on every year at Christmas time, trying to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

When I was Little

"My sisters and I loved to decorate our house at Christmas time. In school we would make some decorations to hang on the Christmas tree and my mother would buy tinsel and other objects to decorate our house to give it that 'Christmas cheery look'..."

suzy bday grande

Love is sacrificial, not superficial nor sentimental.

suzy bday grande

"You know you need Truth, you need God."

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"When you are at spiritual war, when you’re fighting the fight and you’re not giving in to sin and selfishness, you will have peace."

hclare ensenando2

Article from H.M. Magazine:  "Even though I was the teacher I feel that they were the ones who taught me…"

h clare cara circunstancia

Suzy Donovan: Your constant worries about what people will think about you is paralyzing you.

escrito m teresa grande

“Love is giving until it hurts.”

little reminders pequenoGod brought you here to learn to love.

For a young person:

examen de conciencia1Sr. Clare's reason for writing this was to help a young person fight against all of the things that were impeding her from advancing in her spiritual life.

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