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Sr. Clare playing the guitar with kids

We must examine our conscience and ask ourselves if we are being coherent with what we believe and if we want to live in coherence with what we say. Are we being instruments or obstacles for those around us? Are we leading souls to God or driving them away from Him? Are we perhaps leading them to ourselves?

Clare in 2002

In the HM Magazine issue number 109, November-December 2002, we found this poem that Sr. Clare, candidate for the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother at the time, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sr. Clare and Mother Ana in the Holy Land

I think about our persecuted brothers and sisters a lot. I pray for them, and I really feel that Sr. Guadalupe’s testimony and integrity as well as the bravery of the Nazarenes.

Sr. Clare's Perpetual Vows

The Virgin Mary is so great! I don’t know how to explain how much good it does me to be with Her and just look at Her.

Sr. Clare

What makes the Lord happy is when I let Him save me, and my happiness is in the fact that God desires to save me. He does everything, moves everything and permits everything in order to save me.

H Clare

The artistic genius of Sr. Clare not only involved acting, singing, and songwriting, but also overflowed in writing. To prove it, today we present a play written by Sr. Clare while she was at Assumption Parish in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sr. Clare

Sure, there are acts of obedience that are hard for me, but I know that they are always for my good.

When I Was Wee

Instead of preparing our Christmas list this year, let’s prepare our hearts so that Our Lord may be born in them too. I am sure that this is the best present we can give Him for His birthday.

Sister Clare

Coming back from the first Rosary at Dawn, we had adoration. I read a sentence that helps me every day when I get up. It said, “Ad majora natus sum,” which literally translates to “I was born for greater things.”

Karolina (right)

Karolina Vera:  A letter Sr. Clare gave me on Saturday, April 9, 2016, just one week before the earthquake.

Must Do's

Five pieces of advice and a goal, that is, to have a free heart in order to do God’s will. 

abnegacion egoismo

These may seem like little things, but sometimes they can be very hard to do. But have courage! God, seeing your good intention, is going to help you out.

help me to love you

A brief prayer in Sr. Clare’s handwriting

Sr. Clare with Children before the Blessed Sacrament

Children are constantly asking me, “Sr. Clare, when will you take us over to see Jesus in your chapel?”

Sr. Clare Laughing

Half-joking, as always, but completely serious, as always, Sr. Clare wrote her letter to the Three Kings in 2016.


Boys and girls, we should stop and think. How many hours do I spend watching the TV?

Hna. Clare rezando

In prayer I understood that I have to turn everything I do, especially getting up at five o’clock in the morning, into a “sacrifice of praise.”

Siervas rezando ante la Guardiana de la fe

Being with Her and having the desire to see Her happy, it is like you feel the cold, but at the same time don’t.

2008 Hna. Clare los santos

You can also be a saint!!!


We think about how our sins offend Jesus and we are sorry for them: "I'm sorry, Jesus. I won't do it again."

El Padre y la Madre en una visita a la comunidad donde estaba la Hna. Clare

I don't know how to explain the joy and the burning desire I have to suffer for the Lord. Nothing seems enough for me.


The battle begins… starts right now. Who will win? Charity or envy?

Sr. Clare postrada en la Misa de los votos perpetuos

Sometimes I imagine one of those old, small churches in the middle of a little village in Spain. Inside the church is the tabernacle, and in the tabernacle, the Eucharist. Hardly anyone goes there to visit Our Lord. Sometimes I sneak away to that little village...


Before I did everything for selfish reasons, for my own pleasure – I lived for myself. That’s just stupid. God created us for much more.

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