Letters from Valeria

Valeria on the back cover of HM Zoom+

Valeria Intriago would have turned 19 today, May 14, 2019. Perhaps she would have already been living in Spain in preparation to enter the novitiate with the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, as she dreamed.

Valeria on her Sixth Birthday

For a while, I’d been experiencing that God asked me to pray more, but I didn’t know in what manner.

Valeria con la hna. Sara

When I have to examine my conscience, it’s really hard work because I don’t even know what to think about...

Valeria with Classmates

Despite all of the difficulties in my path, I am very happy and sure that I am doing God’s will.


The devil is very angry with me and attacks me much more than before regarding boys, the world... But I trust in God and know that I won't fall if They (Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother) keep helping me.


Lord, take me as I am, with my defects, with my shortcomings, but make me become as you want me to be.

Valeria con la hna. Ruth Mª y niños

I want to be good, very good and humble. I want to fight and never give up in spite of all the difficulties. It isn’t easy to follow Christ.

valeria con amigas colegio 800 390

 Our Lord and Our Mother made me see that I was not studying for God’s glory and honor. They are both so good!

valeria800 390

If we really love God and Our Lady, love for others comes by itself.

dibujo imagenvaleria

In a page of her math notebook, between addition problems and fractions, Valeria poured out her heart.

carta anita largo

Thanks to you I am studying in this marvelous school that not only educates me intellectually, but also spiritually.

valeria habito h megan

Our Lady loves you and helps you.

valeria web

Remember that the Lord does not permit anything that is not in His plans.

Guadalupe Isabel Cedeño Ruiz, Ecuador:

guadalupeWe have to look at the present and try to live it well, because we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow…


cartaValeriaThink that Our Lord and Our Lady are with you and are waiting for you.

Andrea Alonzo Cedeño, Ecuador:

AndreaDoing His will, it’s easier for us to be happy; it’s easier for us to be holy.


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