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Teresa:  Hopefully I can be as brave as Sr. Clare one day and “make that leap of faith knowing that God is there to catch you and protect you.”

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Sr. Kelly Maria Pezo USASr. Clare was waiting for the right moment to send me that “heavenly message.”

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Mercedes Hurtado:  Yesterday, I met you. My name is Mercedes Hurtado Dominguez, and I am the director of the music group “Borkis,” whose songs you used to sing.

nino jesus en brazos800 390

Sr. Megan Maria, USA: The CAT Scan results revealed that the situation had surprisingly improved. My parents attribute it to prayers and to Sr. Clare.

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Sr. Caroline Guarno:  Her cheerful and spontaneous character fostered a trustful environment that helped me to start thinking more about others than myself.

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Eva Ghisletti, Italy:  When I would have to make some small sacrifice that was hard for me to do, I would read Sr. Clare’s article about the lollipops.

hoja dominical

Carlos Ivan Torres Leon, Ecuador: "Sr. Clare’s fame reaches the first cover of the Sunday bulletin."

Hermana Clare con chicas

Giulia Sciutto, USA: “Be comforted, little one! In Heaven everything will no longer look black, but dazzling white.”

jen blur800 390

Maria Jesus Jimenez, Spain:  All I can do is thank the Lord for so much good. I firmly trust that she is already with Him.

victoria largo

Vitoria Vasconcelos, Brazil: I observed her way of talking, so fun and joyful, and how she drew the gaze and attention of the children.

hnaclare hnameganm

Sr. Megan Murray, USA: Her presence was so real… More real than when she was still alive.

h clare mira fija800 390

Mari Carmen: All of this would lead to something better.

kathy weedongrande

Kathy Weedon, USA: My husband and I prayed to Sister Clare that my tests would go well.

h clare cara pillada800 390

Ero Perales, Spain: I did not know that Sr. Clare was already becoming a “famous nun.”

h clare hoja

Jose Francisco Diaz, Peru:  If everything with the earthquake happened, it’s for a reason.

regina medinagrande

Regina Medina: Although I never met her in person, she is influencing my life and drawing me closer to God.


Tania Galarza, Ecuador:  I never stopped asking Sr. Clare for my son to be cured.

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Br. Greggy Espejon, SHM:  I told Miriam to pray to Valeria with faith and she would surely help us...

Tati, Spain

tatiBlessed be the Lord, who took Sr. Clare with Him so that she is able to do more good from where she is.

Kary Rojas, Colombia:

Kary Rojas 2 I understand that she can do so much for everyone from Heaven, and although I never saw her in person, I know that she is interceding for me.

Maritza Vélez:

hnaclareycatalinaPlease, keep praying and asking, through the intercession of our sisters in heaven, that he continues to recover.

Mercedes Caboblanco:

mercedesNews about Sister Clare starts to come to me many different sources. I finally decided to stop and try to find out what had happened to her, who she was, and what was “the big deal” with this Sister.

Elena Guss, Italy:

elena gussKnowing one of you is like knowing you all.

Camila Andrea, Colombia:

camila andreaHer testimony has motivated us to continue giving everything for Christ.

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