Memories of María Augusta

Maria Augusta

Cristóbal Beltrán Zambrano (Ecuador):  When Magu found out that I was going to join the San Pedro Seminary in Portoviejo, she was overjoyed.

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Cristobal Ramon Beltran Zambrano, Ecuador:  Since that moment our friendship grew more. When we could, we shared our experiences of our callings.

Maria Augusta and Karolina

Karolina Vera , Ecuador:  I owe a lot to Cieli because she freed me from several relapses. She came to really know me. She just had to look at you and she knew that something wasn’t right.

With the Guardian of the Faith (El Cajas) - April 2015

Sr. Nuvia Gonzalez Luna:  Maria Augusta's favorite quote helped me to accept my vocation. Now it is like a memory that I have of her; when I read it, I can see her smile and her total self-giving to God.

Karolina con las chicas y las hermanas

Karolina Vera, Playa Prieta, Ecuador:They were truly HAPPY. I can vouch for it.

Laura Dalla Nora

Laura Dalla Nora:  I could see my own calling reflected in their smile, and I re-lived the joy of my first “yes” to Jesus.

María Augusta

Cristobal Beltran Zambrano, Ecuador:  Whenever she spoke about the Blessed Mother she was full of joy.

Mª Augusta con unas chicas

Guadalupe Cedeno, Ecuador:  Maria Augusta used to say,  “Our Lord and Our Lady love you a lot, and you know that you can give Them a lot more.”

Chicas de la Resi en 2015

Julissa Macias, Ecuador:  Even though she was not a girl who called attention to herself, she was an example of abandonment to God’s will. She tried to respond promptly to what Jesus asked of her.

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Cristobal Beltran Zambrano, Ecuador: "Allow Jesus to be born in your heart, and don’t close the door to His Holy Mother.”

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Sr. Nathaly Vera, Ecuador:  Ever since she let Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother mold her, she lived what the book of Sirach says.

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Carlos Javier Zambrano, Ecuador:  Her willingness to serve was what motivated her to help anyone who was in need

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Gemita Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador:  Whenever a problem arose, she always faced it by putting God in the center until she was able to resolve it.

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Estrella, Ecuador: During the summer camp that we had in 2011, she was one of the team leaders while I was the assistant leader.

Hermana Gema, Ecuador:

hna gemitaIt was hard for her to respond to her vocation, but in the end she gave her generous “yes” to God and that day she was filled with a great joy.

A friend of María Augusta, Ecuador:

maria augista We both were motivated by the same motor: GOD.

Erika Moreira, Ecuador:

erika moreira She used to say: “Can you imagine when we will see the Lord face to face?”

mariaaugustaanonimoShe would always tell me, “Do not de afraid of Our Lord. Leave behind the things of the world and surrender yourself to Him."

Silvia Vélez Navarrete, Ecuador:

silviaMany people admired her for the work she did, for her total surrender to God and to Our Blessed Mother.

Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

cristina pinargoteShe encouraged us to be very strong, to stay firm in our faith.

Hna. Ruth, España:

hna ruth I remember that she was happy to belong to the Home of the Mother because she loved Our Lady so much.

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Estrella, Ecuador:  All she did was move her hand and say, “Don’t worry about it. God shed more blood than this for me.”

Lisbeth Cedeño, Ecuador:

lisbeth cedenoYou could just see in her eyes that love and surrender that she had towards God and Our Lady.

Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador:

carolina aveiga"With just her smile she seemed to fix everything."


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