Memories of Sr. Clare

Sr. Rachel Newton, United States:

hna rachelSr. Clare knew how to correct the girls and was never afraid to say what she had to say, but she always managed to win people over.

Hna. Jessica Zeledón, Nicaragua:

hna jessica " I remember how impressed I was to see Sr. Clare so absorbed in prayer."

Elisabeth Baca, Ecuador:

elizabeth baca I had been away from the Lord for four years when He used Sister Clare and Sister Sara as His instruments to bring me back home.

Aura Cristina, Ecuador:

auracristina2“Isn’t it true that there's nothing better than doing God’s Will?”

Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

cristina pinargote"Sr. Clare would also tell us to seek the salvation of our soul."

Brandy Camp, USA:

brandy campShe helped us to build our faith and she brought her happiness into every class period.

Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador:

carolina aviega"I couldn’t believe that an actress with such a future before her had decided to leave everything in order to become a Sister."

Andrea Moreta, Ecuador:

andrea moretaMy re-encounter with God, thanks to Sr. Clare and Sr. Sara

Marta Sequeiros, Spain:

martaSister Clare had an engaging personality; she was funny and direct.

Arianna Espinoza, Ecuador:

arianna espinozaThe way she loved Jesus and her desire to save the world really rubbed off on me...

Gabriela Tubay, Ecuador:

Gabriela Tubay MantaIf I could write a dictionary, in the word “happy,” I would attach a picture of Sr. Clare.

Fr. José Luis Saavedra, SHM:

pjoseluisok"We should give the Lord our best effort and that’s something Father will be happy about".

Carlos Iván Torres León, Ecuador:

carlostorresSr. Clare said, “I ask the Lord to grant me the grace, so that if the moment comes for me to lay down my life for Him, I will be able to do it, and not be a coward or let myself be overcome by my fears.

Julia McCambridge:

juliamccambridgeHer conviction to love in every way, at each moment, was and still is inspiring.

Dolores Hambleton, USA:

dolores hambletonHer recaptured innocence drew a crowd of innocent's every place she went.

Ana Moro Martín:

anamoroShe had so many qualities and, above all, she was very funny!

Una Gallagher:

unagallagerFor her family and for all those who were close to her, it must be very consoling to know that she took the right decision; she was so happy and did so much good.

Sr. Gema, S.H.M.:

hGemaShe had a special gift to make people laugh and bring joy to people’s lives.


silviaSeeing what the Lord has done with her amazes me and fills me with joy.

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadSr. Clare had such a great joy that one’s soul was filled with a desire to love the Lord and follow Him.

Fr. Kevin Deakon, SHM:

p.kevinI wanted to thank her for all she had done, especially for the music and singing… and with a spontaneous wave of the hand she just answered: "It's all for the glory of God".

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