Memories of Sr. Clare

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Sr. Kristen Gardner: Sr. Clare was convinced that Cardinal Ratzinger was going to be elected.

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Sr. Mary Donovan, USA:I remember one meeting in particular that she led with the girls called “Retarded Souls.” It was so funny.

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Sr. Kristen Gardner, USA:  Sometimes at night after dinner (when it was just us girls) she would act like she was seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. She would look up as if she was hearing a voice, and responded: “Yes, yes. You want us to eat chocolate?"

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Sr. Caroline Guarno, SHM:  Once Sr. Clare came to my parish to give us some ideas to meditate on for a youth group Holy Hour.

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Erika Tuarez, Ecuador:  Once everything was ready, we would leave a sign on the Sisters’ door, ring the doorbell and take off running to hide in the hall. The sign would say something like, “We are the Three Kings. Come find us so we can bring our gifts to the Child Jesus.”

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Cristina Maita, Ecuador:  She encouraged me and told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything, but instead surrender everything to the Lord all that He was asking of me, and to always be very generous with Him.

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Mariela Montes, Ecuador:  I have been left with these words of Sister, and that she did everything with a smile on her face.

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Laura Stinnet, USA:  Her joy was contagious and her ability to make someone smile was a gift the Lord had given to her, and which she used to bring souls closer to Christ.

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Teresa Christmas:  It was an incredible experience just watching her because she was so holy, full of life, full of love, full of laughter.

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Sr. Annemarie Naiman, USA:  Even though she felt awful, she was able to forget about herself to talk to the people.

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Marilyn Matos, USA: Your job is to be holy. That’s your first job.

 gema vergaragrande

Gema Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador: Her way of helping souls grow close to God and Our Lady was really attractive.

Sarah Benett, USA:

sarah benett She was full of joy and wanted to help people everywhere.

Gema Rodriguez, Ecuador:

hclare gemarodriguezShe was very happy with what the Lord had done with her.

Lauren Vaccaro,  United States:

lauren vaccaroI admired her life, her joy, and the way she could just make anyone laugh.

Erika Tuárez, Ecuador:

erikatuarezHave you thought about what you are going to give Her as a gift?

Gema Abigail Loor Vera, Ecuador:

gema veraShe encouraged us to not live a common, monotonous life!

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteSister Clare started talking to her and little by little, she started to change.

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteSr. Clare often explained to the children that praying the rosary was like giving roses to Our Lady.

Karla Lavayen, Ecuador:

karla She had told me that her protector saint was St. Therese of Lisieux.

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteShe had a great gift with children and young people.  She always led them to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

María Vergara, Ecuador:

maria vergara

Thanks to the prayers of Sr. Clare, my home wasn't destroyed by the clutches of Satan.  Despite the suffering, she was able to help me not lose my joy and peace.  

Esmeralda Labrador Mancebo, Spain:

esmeralda"Now I see that it was the Lord that put Sister Clare in my path to take me to Him. "

Doris Mercedes Moreira, Ecuador:

doris moreira"Doris, it’s the moment that I most desire."

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