Memories of Sr. Clare

Karolina Vera

Karolina Vera:  Sr. Clare had to walk for three and a half hours through the jungle with a backpack and in boots, a raincoat in case it rained and her habit full of mud.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno Listening to her conversion story helped me trust in God’s power more. My soul felt an increase of peace knowing what she had lived before and seeing her now, and what the Lord had done in her.

Sandra and Sr. Clare on a Bus

Sr. Sandra Galarza:  From the moment I met her I noticed that she was full of gifts that she did not keep to herself; she developed them to serve her community.


Roxana Chimbo:  Sr. Clare said to me, "Hopefully someday you will have the courage to choose God over your friends."


Jackelin Zambrano:  What drew my attention was her willingness to do whatever the Lord asked of her.

Sr. Clare

Iría and Carlos  We were marked by the sincerity of her conversion and by her clarity when she spoke about God's love.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno  Sr. Clare prayed in his ear so that he could hear. She said things to help him prepare his soul to die and encounter God.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:   Sr. Clare didn't want the patients to miss Mass, so we went to their rooms and brought them in their wheelchairs. Sometimes we even took the patients' entire bed to the chapel because the porters had not put them in the wheelchair.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Kelai at the hospital

Sr. Kelai RenoSr. Clare and I were walking down the hallway trying to get our bearings when all of a sudden we saw a woman coming toward us, crying.

Carolina Aveiga

Carolina Aveiga. Ecuador:  It really hurt Sr. Clare when someone did not do God’s will, because she loved the Lord and every soul, too.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:  Sr. Clare was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation or tell a funny story, but she was never superficial.


Karolina Vera:  Sr. Clare was living like a real Christian, dying to what she liked and felt like doing. She told me once that we have a huge responsibility to pray for our brothers and sisters, the persecuted Christians.

Carolina with Friends

Carolina Aveiga:  I often feel sorry for myself and that I have to learn from Sr. Clare.

Carolina Aveiga with a group of friends

Carolina Aveiga:  The root of the problem was a girl in Sr. Clare's class. Sr. Clare knew her very well and understood me. While the teams were having their meeting, Sr. Clare came to the place where we were gathered and began speaking jokingly yet seriously, saying, “Did you all know that I'm a superhero?"

Sr. Beatriz

Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM:  I can still see the scene: Sr. Clare laying on the back seat with her eyes closed while the taxi started up. When I saw her again after a few hours at dinner, she was serving the girls and telling jokes and spreading joy.

Karolina Vera

Karolina Vera:  She showed it by every word, gesture, look, correction, note, tear, message and many other things. I also have to admit that I felt very loved by God through her.

Sr. Clare in Class

Cristofer Bravo:  I always have her with me: in a photo or on my cell phone. Her smile always reminds me: All or nothing!

Chelita y Carolina

Carolina Aveiga:  Her joy enveloped me. It was a joy that I didn’t have. I went home with her joy but I didn’t know what was happening.

entendi hna rosa

Sr. Rosa Lopez, SHM, Guayaquil, Ecuador: She said to me, “Go child by child. Have patience with them and help them, because they don’t know how to write.”

hna rosa puyo

Sr. Rosa López, SHM (Ecuador): But in that very moment she received the grace to realize what she was doing, and to correct herself, and she said, “Clare, you came here to surrender yourself.”

2hna clare fernando800

Fernando Guerrero, Ecuador: Now, I realize and I’m surprised to see how God can act in such an extraordinary way in a soul.

hna lissette

Sr. Lissette Falcones, SHM: Then she looked at me, and I saw that she was crying.

hna rosa de chica800

Sr. Rosa Lopez, SHM Sr. Clare listened to her, smiled and said, “Give thanks to God. Everything is for the glory of God.”

hna rosa800

Sr. Rosa López, SHM, Ecuador: I was telling Sr. Clare that, even though the song of the Good Shepherd was for children, it helped me a lot.

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