Fr. Joseph

On June 13, 2020, Fr. Joseph dedicated another EWTN daily Mass homily to Sr. Clare.

Sr. Clare

Lola:  She was the forerunner to my true knowledge of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sr. Clare visiting a patient

Fr. Joseph began his reflection by speaking about Sister Clare's apostolate in the hospital in Valencia. He spoke of the story of Paco, a patient who was dying of AIDS, whom Sister Clare led to a beautiful friendship with the Eucharistic Jesus by telling him about her own conversion and many stories of her family.

Sr. Clare playing the guitar with kids

We must examine our conscience and ask ourselves if we are being coherent with what we believe and if we want to live in coherence with what we say. Are we being instruments or obstacles for those around us? Are we leading souls to God or driving them away from Him? Are we perhaps leading them to ourselves?

Karolina Vera

Karolina Vera:  Sr. Clare had to walk for three and a half hours through the jungle with a backpack and in boots, a raincoat in case it rained and her habit full of mud.

Sr. Clare

Juan Enrique:  They operated on my wife, who had a stroke with serious cerebral bleeding, this afternoon and the neurosurgeon told us it was a success.

Sr. Clare

Juan Enrique:  My wife had a stroke due to high blood pressure. A vein burst, and there was a lot of bleeding... The doctor told us that we should prepare for the worst. In my prayers I began to ask for Sister Clare's intercession and since then, sparks of hope have begun to come forth.

Clare in 2002

In the HM Magazine issue number 109, November-December 2002, we found this poem that Sr. Clare, candidate for the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother at the time, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Simposio Católico Virtual

The Catholic Virtual Symposium invited the Home of the Mother to speak about Sr. Clare Crockett because of the huge influence her story has had on people of all ages, but especially on youth.

Sr. Clare and companions

Lorena:  I asked Jesus, Sr. Clare, Mayra, Maria Augusta, Valeria, Jazmina, and Catalina to accompany us and help us remain in God’s hands and to trust in Jesus alone to give hope.

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