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Only a Miracle Could Do It!

Benedetta and Matteo Giacomelli

Benedetta Giacomelli, Lumezzane, Italy: Thanks, hermana! I love you!

Benedetta Giacomelli is from Lumezzane, Italy. She is only ten years old, but wanted to write this beautiful letter about something that happened to her with Sr. Clare. She was so moved that she finishes saying, "Thanks, hermana! I love you!"

This summer I went to the summer camp in Collio in Brescia, Italy, organized by the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. Each day in prayer, the sisters told us something about Sr. Clare. I already knew a little bit about her because I am a member of the Home of the Mother Youth and frequently go to the encounters they have on Saturdays in Lumezzane. But now I love her more because of what she did for my family.

A Girl Praying Before the Blessed SacramentDuring the camp, I prayed very hard to Sr. Clare for my dad, because he didn't have a job. I asked her with all of my heart to help him find one. The next day, my parents called to say "hello," and my dad said, "Benedetta, did you know that I found a job?"

The news impacted me a lot and I was very happy. During Eucharistic Adoration we had that day, I thanked Sr. Clare and the Lord for this great gift.

When I went back home and told this to my family, they were also very impacted by it. My mom said that she, too, had prayed to Sr. Clare, but she was sure that our desires were fulfilled because of my prayers. The job that my dad found is very good, and they told me that it was a hard position to get. Only a miracle could do it! Thanks, hermana! I love you!

Benedetta Giacomelli


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