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Now She is Cloud Soaring

Hna. Clare tocando la guitarra con otra hermana

Isaac Garcia Cebrian, Spain:  Now she is cloud soaring and God has registered her in the true Country, writing her name in the Book of Life.

Isaac Garcia Cebrian is a musician from Valencia, Spain, who after having discovered God and converting, decided to offer his gift of music and place it at the service of the Gospel: Isaac got to know the Home of the Mother and Sr. Clare after having been featured on the program, Changing Tracks, where he shared his own testimony and process of conversion:

I just read Sr. Clare’s testimony and was very moved. I feel as though there is some kind of connection between her conversion, what the Lord is saying through her, and my own experience. The Lord said to Sr. Clare: “I will be your country.”* And one time the Lord gave me that name: Country.  I didn’t understand exactly why. I understood that this Country is the Kingdom and I recorded this song with that thought in mind:

I didn’t know Sr. Clare or the Home of the Mother. I didn’t know the sweetness and gentleness of Mary who takes us to Jesus. I didn’t know the fervor for the Truth. I didn’t know the Sacraments or love of neighbor. I didn’t know God. Yet God knew me and granted me the grace of conversion. He taught me the Truth, fervor and zeal for it, making me love my neighbor with the warmth and freedom that the Truth gives. He taught me to defend it, training me through the Sacraments. The veil of the temple was lifted, and He showed me that the covering of the tent of God was Mary’s mantle. And Mary showed me one of her weavers, Sr. Clare, and the rest of the Sisters of the Home of the Mother. In them I found, without even asking, concrete words with which the Lord had guided and encouraged me in the desert: the Great Light, the Country.

The Country was Eden, later it was Canaan, later it was Jerusalem, and later it was the heavenly Jerusalem. There, a woman named Clare, with a vocation to communicate, like myself, who played the harp like David (to drive away the evil spirits), began to live in the flesh until her fervor was so evident that God gave her wings so that she could work for us even quicker. Now she is cloud soaring and God has registered her in the true Country, writing her name in the Book of Life.

Cloud soaring is because of this song:

*Isaac refers to a testimony given by Sr. Clare herself, speaking about her conversion and vocation. Sr. Clare said, “Of course you love your own country and you love your family, but God is worth much more than all that. One time I said to the Lord, “But why do I have to leave everything?” And He said to me: “You leave everything to find Me, but I will be your mother, your father, your language, your country… I will be everything for you.”


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