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My Daughter Came Back and the 9mm Nodule Disappeared


Maria del Carmen Chimeno Blanco, Valencia, SpainI am sure that through Sr. Clare’s intercession my daughter returned home.

Maria del Carmen Chimeno Blanco, lay member of the Home of the Mother in Valencia, Spain, writes to tell us about two graces received through Sr. Clare’s intercession.

I am sure that through Sr. Clare’s intercession my daughter returned home. I had commended my daughter to her, asking Our Lord and Our Lady to help, protect, and intercede for her to come home. When I did that, even though I was sobbing, I felt a lot of peace. I felt that Sr. Clare said to me, “It’s OK. She needs it.”

Three months later, my daughter called, crying. She asked me to pick her up, to go rescue her.
Instead of reproaching her, as would have been my logical reaction, I noticed that I had had a change of heart. I decided to love her as God loves her, welcoming her back with arms open wide. While she was crying and asking me to forgive her, I just hugged her and forgave her, just as Jesus teaches us in the parable of the “Prodigal Son,” or as I call it, the parable of the “Merciful Father.” Thank you, Sr. Clare, for your intercession. Now I ask you to help her draw closer to God and to the plans He has for her. Amen.

I have to tell you yet another favor that I received from our dear Sister Clare. A few months ago, I noticed that I was getting more tired than usual while going up and down the stairs. Since I have asthma, I went to the pulmonologist to see if I needed a new inhaler. They told me I needed an x-ray. When I went back for the results, the pulmonologist was very alarmed and scheduled an urgent appointment for a CAT scan of my lung. On the CAT scan results, there were two pulmonary nodules, one on each lung. One measured 9mm, and the other 4mm. The one that measured 9mm was right on the pleura. We feared the worst. They changed my inhaler to a newer, stronger kind, Foster NEXThaler 200/6, an inhaler for emergencies just in case I was unable to breath from the new inhaler and from the albuterol.

They told me plainly, “You already know what this could be. We will repeat the test in three months, and if the nodules have grown, we will have to remove them with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. You know how it works.” I guess they spoke to me like that because I am a doctor and they didn’t have to explain to me what a cancerous tumor was.

I placed myself in God’s hands and under Our Lady's protection, accepting everything that God wanted me to go through. I only mentioned the results to my spiritual director and two or three others so that they could pray for me, because I didn’t want to worry people until the results were confirmed. I asked Sr. Clare for help and to intercede for my cure. At the time, I was asking her to cure a friend of mine, a member of the Home of the Mother who also has cancer and is currently receiving treatment. Now, among other petitions, I was going to be praying to Sr. Clare for both of us… I ask her for everything.

A few days before the test, I felt fine. I didn't feel fatigued, and my lungs seemed to expand normally. When I went for the results, the 9mm nodule, the one that was on the pleura and that made my breathing difficult and was apparently cancerous, had totally disappeared. It was not even mentioned on the medical report. The 4mm nodule is still there, but they do not think it is serious or cancerous, because it has not grown in size. They have given me the medical discharge, but have asked me to come back in 6 months for a check-up. Moreover, I no longer need the inhaler, not even during springtime, which is the worst time for asthmatics.

I give thanks to God and Our Blessed Mother for everything, especially Sr. Clare’s intercession.


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